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Ditch Witch


Ditch Witch is in the underground construction equipment business. The Collinsville branch store provides sales and service for the region.

My name is Butch Fuzzell and I’m with Ditch Witch Sales Inc. in Collinsville, IL. I’m the store manager and sales manager at this particular location. I’ve been with Ditch Witch Sales for about 8 months now. I’ve been with the Ditch Witch Company for about 12 years. I’ve worked at the factory for 10 years in Perry, Oklahoma and I’ve spent time at Ditch Witch in Montana as Sales Manager until moving here in February. What Ditch Witch does… We are in the underground construction equipment business. We sell the equipment that actually installs pipe and cable underground. Some of the services would be electricity, cable television, water, gas, etc. The products that we handle are trenchers, which actually dig ditches, vibratory plows, vacuum excavators, horizontal directional drills, smaller, what we call mini skid steers, and also for tracking and locating electronics. Basically anything that you would need to install any type of product below the ground level, we sell the products to install that. Our company, here in Collinsville, consists of 6 employees. We’re one of four branch stores. Our main office is located in Sullivan, MO. We have been at this location for approximately 45 years. This is an old established company that has been around for quite some time. Ditch Witch itself has been around for 50 plus years and the dealership in Sullivan, MO was one of the very first dealerships ever created. We have branches in Moberly, MO, Kansas City, MO (Olatha), Collinsville, IL here, and Springfield, IL.

ITA has been servicing our company here in Collinsville for somewhere around 25 years. The services that they provide basically include keeping our computer system up-to-date and current with the latest software that we may need to run our main frame. They service our laptop computers. They keep us updated with anti-virus and anything that we may need. As the computer world changes, we’ve got to change along with it, and they accommodate us in that capacity. The reason why we use ITA is that they’re conveniently located, not too far from us. They are very accommodating. Any time we have a problem or an issue they are out promptly to either replace equipment or troubleshoot equipment or work on equipment in a very timely fashion. They are personable and easy to do business with.

Butch Fuzzell, Sales & Store Branch Manager/Ditch Witch, Collinsville IL

Customer Info

  • Address107 Troy Road Collinsville, IL 62234
  • Phone(618) 345-6262