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Hall Equipment Company


Hall Equipment Company is an independent heavy equipment dealer that buys and sells large, heavy earth moving equipment such as Caterpillar equipment.

My name is Greg Hall and I am the owner of Hall Equipment Company. We are an independent heavy equipment dealer that buys and sells large, heavy earth moving equipment such as Caterpillar equipment. We have been in business for almost ten years now. We are a small company, with five employees, and we do not have our own IT department, obviously. So when we have a problem with any of our computer systems that’s where we need the expertise of Integrated Technology Associates. We started dealing with John Brennan nine years ago, when I had my first problem. I was referred to him from one of my very good customers that John had been servicing for many years. He has done an excellent job for us. We live on the Internet. Our business success depends very much on being on-line of every minute of every day. We attend on-line heavy equipment auctions and if we have a problem with our system I am very comfortable that the problem will be fixed very promptly. John has been a very honest individual with us. His experience has been excellent. He’s been able to handle any problems that we have incurred. And we are very fortunate to have John on our side. ITA has just done a wonderful job for us. They’re prompt. They’re courteous. They’re effective and they’re efficient. It’s like having your own IT department without having the cost that is associated with it. I can remember several times where I would call John in a panic mode and he’d say, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there in ten, fifteen minutes. We’ll get you back up and running.” And that’s exactly what happened.

I am very comfortable with the services that we have always received from ITA and would definitely make a strong recommendation. Their honesty is a big thing to me. I feel that I need to be able to trust someone that is telling me about things that my knowledge is not a good as theirs about. So, trust factor is very important to me, and John makes you feel very comfortable with that. We look forward to not having problems, but we all know that in the business world that that can happen at any point in time. But, I do have peace of mind, knowing that I have ITA on my side. And they will get us up and going for very low cost in a very reasonable time.

Greg Hall, Owner/Hall Equipment Company, Pontoon Beach IL

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  • Address4650 Ste Rte 162 Pontoon Beach, IL 62040
  • Phone(618) 797-1900
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