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Good Samaritan Home of Quincy


Good Samaritan Home in Quincy, IL serves seniors 60 years of age or older in a number of levels of cares from independent living to Medicare skilled services.

Hello. This is Mike Duffy. I’m the CEO and Administrator of the Good Samaritan Home in Quincy, IL. We are a not-for-profit church affiliated CCRC campus. We serve seniors 60 years of age or older in a number of levels of care from independent living to Medicare skilled services. We provide services to approximately 450 residents with approximately 350 employees. We first became acquainted with ITA through a sister organization in Glen Carbon, IL while we were searching for updating our clinical and financial software. We met with ITA and agreed to bring them on as consultants to assist us in the transition from an old software vendor to a new software vendor as well as helping us to plan out internally the transition process from a system that was all self-contained to a network of workstations also utilizing the internet. ITA has done quit a bit of business with our company over the years from assessment to purchasing and installing new systems to converting and updating network servers to maintaining and replacing workstations to providing on-site technical support to providing remote technical support via computer and/or telephone. We continue to use ITA for many reasons. One, we have developed a good relationship to where ITA understands the unique nature of health care and the importance of our computer systems. Two, we appreciate their responsiveness whenever we have a complaint or an issue related to our service. Three, they are both professional and friendly. And four, their ability to troubleshoot and isolate potential issues and develop appropriate cost effective solutions have been greatly appreciated. We also enjoy utilizing their services because they are just simply really good people and great to work with as we work on our computer services at Good Samaritan home.

I would strongly recommend anyone to consider using ITA. They are intelligent, they are good at determining how to troubleshoot problems, they’re above all else really good listeners and have the ability to create systems that are custom utilized, customized to each specific organization’s needs and structure. I would also add that they are very effective at providing cost effective solutions to any of our computing needs instead of going out there and buying off-the-shelf equipment, much is refurbished or installed or created and built by ITA themselves. We especially appreciate the technical support that we have on-site throughout the week and even available on weekends. All these services we also believe come to us at what we believe or consider to be a fair and reasonable cost for these types of services. ITA has even gone so far, because they care about what we do, to help us with the creation of a computer workstation for our residents and assist our residents with learning how to use the basic skills of the computer, basic skills on the internet, and even to the point of using web cams and video conferencing. We’re extremely happy to have ITA and all of their staff working along side us as we serve our seniors.

Mike Duffy, CEO & Administrator/Good Samaritan Home of Quincy, Quincy IL

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  • Address2130 Harrison Quincy, IL 62301
  • Phone(217) 223-8717