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Granite City Township Supervisor’s Office


Granite City Township Supervisors office coordinates with residents that need Meals on Wheels or that may need a bus ride to an appointment or to the store.

My name is Laura and I work at Granite City Township where I am a bookkeeper. I have been in this position for 17 years. I was actually the one who decided in the year 2000 that we really needed to bring in computers and become computerized. We did exactly that. I had contacted Jerry because I attended one of his computer usage classes and honestly I did not know who else to call so I called Jerry. He met with one of my associates and myself to capture the types of information handling needs that our office had. He made an assessment of our office operation and computer needs and gave us a proposal and totally explained what we would be getting and what we would be doing in transitioning to computerized operations. The proposal was approved by our board and then within a very short time the new computers and software were installed. Since that time he has maintained all of our computers and has done an excellent job. He has also written software for us which has been wonderful in helping with our daily operations. The software that he wrote for our bus operation keeps track of our bus rider information, rider addresses and reservations for rides including schedules and pickup and destination information. The reservations are entered into the daily reservation system and bus route lists are produced to assist bus drivers in their daily routes. He also wrote a program that I use to prepare a report to the city council in a specific format for review and approval. Previously I was trying to prepare this report in Excel and this just proved too cumbersome. So I talked to Jerry about what I needed for this report and within a couple of weeks he came back with a program that worked perfectly for what I needed. He also wrote a program to support record keeping for our General Assistance administration activity.

I would highly, highly recommend ITA to anyone who is currently using computers or who needs to consider upgrading their computer equipment or software, or beginning operations with computer support. We have run the gamut with Jerry from getting started in the year 2000 right up to the present day where he is still providing us with support. He is reliable and dependable and professional. If we have an immediate urgent issue he is tending to it within a very short time. His services are exactly what he says they are and exactly what we need. Our office is relatively small with six work stations performing various tasks. We would not be nearly as efficient as we are without the use of this computer technology and ITA’s on going professional support. We will of course continue to use ITA to support our operations and I would highly recommend the use of ITA and I think everyone in this office would do the same.

Laura, Employee/Granite City Township Supervisor’s Office, Granite City IL

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